Hydromea's innovative, compact VERTEX AUV is very portable and easy to deploy at only 70 cm length and 7 kg.
Hydromea's innovative, compact VERTEX AUV is very portable and easy to deploy at only 70 cm length and 7 kg.
Ultra-portable - everywhere you go
10 AUVs taking high-resolution measurements of a plume (simulation)
Hydromea VERTEX AUV deployment under ice at Lake Onego in Russia
LUMA250LP - ultra-efficient optical modem for wireless data transmission
Our modular design and exchangeable front plate can integrate a large range of industry-standard water sensors
The VERTEX AUV - ultra-portable and easy to deploy at only 70 cm length and 7 kg.

VERTEX: Successful 2017 measurement campaigns
OI2018: Hydromea will be exhibiting at OI2018 in London.
UST: Hydromea is on the cover of Unmanned Systems Technology.

Accelerating water measurements

Hydromea is developing innovative technology to make water quality measurements available at an unprecedented resolution, and much faster than traditional methods. We developed a new class of small autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) that are designed to cooperate in large groups. Instead of measuring only in one place at a time, our system can automatically measure many locations simultaneously - creating rich 3D data sets with high spatial and temporal resolution. Our robots can cover volumes of several square kilometers up to 300 meters depth. A large range of compatible industry standard sensors are available for getting precise in-situ measurements. Hydromea is also offering a range of OEM products for highly integrated, miniaturised underwater systems.


We are focusing on surveys in coastal oceanology and limnology. Our scalable technology can provide in-situ measurements faster and with much more spatial resolution than ship-based profiling, and obtain data at depths below the surface that satellites can’t reach. Dense 3D data sets are most useful for mapping plumes and analysing horizontal gradients and mixing. The small size of our AUV also allows access to places boats cannot reach or are not allowed to go, e.g. under ice, protected areas, underground water caverns and storage tanks.

Serafina Hydromea solution: 3D scan of a plume in 2 hours with 10 VERTEX AUVs


AUV Easy to deploy and small enough to fit into a backpack

Small robots, big data

The VERTEX AUV developed by Hydromea is the smallest, most integrated commercial AUV in the world. Designed to be portable, it is easy to deploy in large numbers, and in places that are otherwise difficult to reach. The AUVs are only 70 cm long, and at 7 kg weight can easily be carried in one hand. The transport case can travel as standard check-in luggage.

Our highly integrated design is the result of 10 years of research and experience. Despite the small size, the AUVs are equipped with advanced proprietary communication and localization technology to enable them to cooperate as a team.

The compact design is crucial when deploying multiple AUVs in a group - up to ten vehicles can be deployed from the shore by car, or a small boat, without any special equipment. By using up to 10 AUVs in parallel, we can obtain detailed spatial measurements within hours with a level of detail - real data of the full water column, comparable only to simulation models or surface satellite images.

Technology for environmental sensing

We are specialists in robotics and underwater technology with experience in electronics, mechanical design, composite manufacturing and communication systems. Our AUV was designed and built in-house, in our facilities in Switzerland. We developed a new, ultra-slim hubless thruster (pat. pending), and innovative communication and localization systems specifically for underwater swarms. Consulting services are available on request.