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LUMA 250LP - an optical modem for fast, short-range underwater communication

The LUMA 250LP is a very compact (only 100 x 50 x 40mm) optical modem for fast underwater communication, up to 250kbit/sec, down to 6000m depth.

Its very low stand-by power consumption makes it particularly well suited for long-term deployments along with battery-powered instruments.

Coming soon: High-speed version of the LUMA modem with increased data rate.

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Disk-Drive Thruster

The Disk-Drive is a very compact yet powerful rim-driven brushless thruster. The hubless propeller prevents it from getting tangled. Our patented design is pressure-proof, hydro-lubricated and oil free. It is very slim (15 mm thickness) making it ideal for low-drag vertical stabilisation thrusters, as well as small vehicles where space is limited.

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Mini-FT7 - a self-contained fast temperature sensor/logger

The Mini-FT7 combines the FP07 sensor, the industry-standard for fast temperature measurements, with a high resolution signal converter and logger into a powerful package.

The compact size of the Mini-FT7 (25 x 200mm) allows for easy integration into existing multi-parameter sondes and even very small AUVs, ROVs and gliders. The high data rates of fast temperature sensors (up to 400Hz) often make integration into existing logging systems difficult. The Mini-FT7 however comes with its own built-in logger so that you won’t miss a single sample. In addition, a built-in 9-axis IMU (3 axis linear accelerometer + 3 axis gyro + 3 axis magnetometer) can help removing the effect of the sensor’s own motion from the signal.

By providing a compact self-ccontained sensor, Hydromea makes fast, high-resolution temperature measurements just another parameter which can be easily integrated into your exiting sonde or vehicle payload.