Water Sensing Services

Serafina Traditional profiling of an outflow plume: 12 profiles in 8 hours

Serafina Hydromea solution: 3D scan in 2 hours with 10 AUVs (simulation with 0.5 km², 50m grid, 30-50m depth)

Hydromea is a technology and water sensing provider offering water quality measurements in 3D with unprecendented spatial and temporal resolution. A fleet of up to 10 AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) equipped with the in-situ water quality sensors of the customer’s choice collect data in parallel, much faster than conventional vessels. Instead of few vertical profiles, rich volumetric 3D datasets are possible. As data is collected much faster, spatial phenomena can be observed with good temporal resolution, and dynamic features can be tracked over multiple hours.

These improved datasets enable new applications in plume detection and tracking, volumetric water analysis and observation of spatio-temporal phenomena over up to 10 hours.

Hydromea will carry out the measurements with our proprietary technology, and offer dense, high-quality data sets as a hassle-free service at competitive rates.

We are currently evaluating and refining our technology, and building up our fleet of AUVs. Do you have an application? We would appreciate to hear about your requirements and discuss how we can help!

Key capabilities1:

Consulting services

We have extensive experience in the design and development of underwater systems, and embedded applications. Contact us for custom development requests.

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